New England Kingpost Barn

The interesting geometry of the traditional kingpost truss is the outstanding feature of the New England Kingpost Barn. Supported by principle rafters at the center bent, the kingpost itself has unique joinery that includes a through-tenon at the main girt, eliminating the need for any interior posts. (This tenon/girt connection can be designed to carry a loft floor load if desired). The resulting open plan makes this design a great general purpose outbuilding, ideal for use as a small workshop, garage, storage barn or recreation room. In fact, one of the New England Barn Company's owners chose to build this style barn frame as a workshop on his own property.

24' x 24' *
576 sq. ft.
248 sq.ft.**
9 / 12
See Comparison Chart
*Can be customized
**6 ft headroom - total loft area can be greater