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Redding Workshop Barn

Another handsome 2 bay barn design that eliminates the need for any interior posts on the main level is our Redding Workshop Barn. Two Queenposts support Principle Rafters at the center "Bent" creating a roof truss that can support a sturdy loft floor with a clear span below. Perfect as a small garage or workshop! Of course, this or any of our designs can be extended in length by adding on additional bays.

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Redding Workshop Barn


* Can be customized 

** 6ft head room - total loft area can be greater

Barn Dimensions

Std Size            18' x 24' *

Bays                   2

Area                   432 sq. ft.

Loft Area        216 sq.ft.**

Eave Ht            11'-9"

Ridge Ht         19'-4"

Roof Pitch     10 / 12

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