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* Can be customized 

** 6ft head room - total loft area can be greater

Barn Dimensions

Std Size            36' x 48' *

Bays                   4

Area                   1728 sq. ft.

Loft Area        1348 sq.ft.**

Eave Ht            14'-5"

Ridge Ht         30'-0"

Roof Pitch     10 / 12

Sharon Horse Barn

While many of our barn designs can be configured to accommodate horses (or other livestock), the Sharon Horse Barn was designed deliberately to meet the needs of horses and their owners. 12' wide bays will allow stalls to be spacious and the raised main girts provide ample headroom. The large loft volume serves up copious amounts of space for hay storage and the wide center aisle below creates a traditional "drive through". Of course, as always, the mortise & tenon pegged joinery is authentic throughout.

Click the image to  see more photos and models of the Sharon Horse Barn

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