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* Can be customized 

** 6ft head room - total loft area can be greater

Barn Dimensions

Std Size            16' x 22' *

Bays                   2

Area                   352 sq. ft.

Loft Area        121 sq.ft.**

Eave Ht            11'-0"

Ridge Ht         18'-1"

Roof Pitch     10 / 12

Warren Gardener's Barn

For discriminating timber frame enthusiasts who need an outbuilding of smaller size, the Warren Gardener's Barn is just the ticket. Perfect as a tractor barn, potting and gardening barn, small workshop or pool house, this cute little gem of a frame is a surprisingly versatile building that will enhance any property. Add a saltbox style shed along one of the eave walls and the Warren Gardener's Barn can even serve as a small 1 or 2 car garage. Oh, by the way, all of the frame construction is authentic New England pegged mortise & tenon joinery!

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Warren Gardener's Barn

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